The Struggle for Vietnamese in Biloxi-Language Access Project-staying connected at the grassroots

Do you believe in the power of Community… how you can help
September 24, 2006, 12:43 am
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I DO! I DO! It was through community that help support sending me to Biloxi, and it is my hope that community will take up this challenge with me to meet this fundraising goal.

In a time where its easy to forget what happened even last week, I believe it is critical that we can not forget our people in the Gulf Coast. I have had many conversations with folks since coming back from Biloxi. If I’ve learned anything, it the power of communities to repsond to help each when sytems fail us. Since my return I have done a one community report back, and a report back to my organization, had dozens of informal conversations in sharing the reality of the folks in Biloxi and asking for indivual support. I am continuedly humbled by spirit of indiviuals who contiune to support me in doing what needs to be done.

The Language Access Project is on an ambitious timeline to try to get the simultaneous translation headsets to Biloxi as soon possible. The goal folks is $7000 in the next 4 weeks!!.

Here are a few ways you can support me to meet this goal are:

1. Donate!

2. Get friends and family to donate!

3. Throw a fundraiser or house party for me

4. Help me connect with other Vietnamese folks who you think would be interested in making a donation- or are hooked in to other Vietnamese Organizations

5. Get your organization to donate or at least set up a luncheon time that I could do a small report back and do an ask at your agency or group of friends!

Thanks for your support!


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