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Language Access Project MEGA Expansion because of ALL of YOU!!!
October 9, 2006, 2:41 pm
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When I started this project I set a goal of fundraising for the simultaneous translation headset, it was what I thought I could do in the amount of time that I had. Some people scoffed at me for my ambitious time line, which just put fuel into my drive to accomplish my commitment to the communities in Biloxi…

So I just got news that the project will be getting a GIANOURMOUS DONATION BY UMCOR- United Methodist Committee on Relief!!!!!

A huge thank you to UMCOR especially to Reverend Sachen for making a donation of $7000 for the entire project including monies to support my travel to deliver the devices!

This has created a HUGE opportunity to REALLY Up the project goals of instead of only 20 headsets I am going to apply the monies thus far to DOUBLE THE # of HEADSETS to 40 !!!!!

I want you to all imagine with me a meeting where there can be up to 40 Vietnamese or other languages being translated in a community meeting on equal footing!!!!

SO those of you who have made pledges but have not sent in your checks, please send them before October 14th because it will contribute to this AMAZING opportunity to further provide the much needed tools for organizing our immigrant communities!!!

I want to ACKNOWLEDGE with deep RESPECT & GRATITUDE everyone who has contributed to this project- EVERYTHING COUNTS….

Your monies
Make real the Language Access Project

Your eyes and ears contribute to creating
VISIBILTY to the DEAFENING needs in Biloxi

Your connections and broader networks shared with me
supports INTER-CONNECTEDNESS of Community

Your openness and compassion for the people,
willingness to give what u can in whatever ways,
nourishes HOPE that we can make change happen…

humbly yours,



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