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Simultaneous Translation Headsets- A tool for Empowerment

In my research and conversation with various organizations that utlize simultaneous translation devices I was directed to work with a local business called Reconnections. Reconnections took the time to not only listen about the project but also gave me feedback on things to consider for the project. Reconnections also has a mission of not selling product, but the goal is to improve the quality of people’s live through listening devices.

So feel good that folks will be getting good equiptment from a local vendor with a great misison in its service delivery!


1. We want to make this equipment effective in small-group events as well as large-group events but we want to keep it simple and consistent to use. In other words, we don’t want to have some equipment that plugs into audio amplification systems in large venues and other equipment that stands alone in small venues. We want equipment that allows the translator to remain in the main event area with the other participants. We want the translator and listeners to be comfortable with how easy and obvious the equipment operates. We want the equipment to be useable in a nondisruptive manner with the listeners included in the main body of event participants.
2. We want the equipment to be durable and reasonably priced. That includes a good warranty, a good history of operation, and both technical support and easily obtainable replacement items.
3. We want the equipment to be easily maintained. This includes ease of battery replacement, availability of common battery type, ease of cleaning all pieces of equipment, ease of cleaning/replacing earpads (as necessary), and compactness of items for storage purposes.

Williams Sound Corporation is the most popular assistive listening equipment and language translation equipment company in the US today. It’s equipment inventory includes items that satisfy all of the criteria listed above.

For the translator:
PFM T30 10-channel Wideband body-pack transmitter (each $408)
QTY 4 = $1632

MIC 086 Headband mic with flexible boom (each – $100.00)
QTY 4 = $400

For each listener:
PPA R35-8N 8-channel (selectable) Wideband body-pack receiver(each – $155.00)
QYT 20 = $3100

HED 021 Headset (each – $15.00)
QTY 20 = $300
(other listening accessories are available at about the same price)

Williams Sound makes a good carry case that will handle about 15 transmitters/receivers and accessories ($159.00)
QTY 2 = $318

Costco thingy of AA batteries = $40

Total cost of equiptment = $5790 (does not include tax and delivery of equiptment)


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Comment by Открытый каталог торрентов без регистрации и смс

How much is a price for a speech transmitter and 15 of the HED 021 Headset (each – $15.00)
QTY 20 = $300
We need it for a church ministry
I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Comment by John

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